In June 2015, the Mandolin Symposium once again returns to the beautiful University of California campus in Santa Cruz, California. Led by two of the great mandolin masters, David Grisman and Mike Marshall, the Mandolin Symposium brings together mandolin players from all over the world to study and play together for an intensive five day program consisting of classes, concerts, jams, and student performances.

Classes will begin on Monday June 22nd at 2pm and our week will end on June 26th with our traditional Friday Night Concert with our Instructors and students.

Check out the short interviews conducted with some of our instructors. They can be accessed from the instructors bio page from the List of Instructors page. So far, we have interviews for Mike Marshall, Don Stiernberg, Rich DelGrosso, Drew Emmitt, Tim Connell, and Mike Mullins posted.

Registration for 2015 is now open!

Do you want to give a gift of The Mandolin Symposium? Contact Stephen for the details.

Our Instructors for 2015 are:

David Grisman and Mike Marshall Present:

Roland White (Bluegrass)
Don Stiernberg (Swing and Jazz Master)
Rich DelGrosso (Blues)
Drew Emmitt (Jamgrass)
Caterina Lichtenberg (Classical)
Tim Connell (Irish Trad/Brazilian Choro)
Sharon Gilchrist (Mandolin Fundamentals)
Mike Mullins (Artist in Residence)


Lynn Dudenbostel's Repair Shop

This year we are again pleased to offer the Lynn Dudenbostel Mandolin Symposium Repair Shop. This is not a class or elective but a service to benefit the Mandolin Symposium Scholarship fund.

Click here to watch a video of Don Stiernberg and Mike Marshall
having a conversation about the Mandolin Symposium.

Click here to watch a video of David Grisman and Mike Marshall
sharing their thoughts on the Mandolin Symposium.