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Classes will be located at Porter College and Housing will be located at College Eight this year (which has great Apartments and Residence Halls). Apartments are both single and double occupancy bedrooms in shared apartments with other students.

We have 4- 6 bedroom apartments for our use. Each unit can accommodate three to five students. Each unit has a refrigerator, lockable bedrooms and a living room but stoves are not operable in the summer months.

We also have a more affordable HOUSING option in the Residence Halls which have double occupancy bedrooms with a shared bath on each floor.

Most Areas on campus have Wireless Service. We will make every effort to accommodate your particular needs for quiet areas. Three meals per day and parking are also included with your UCSC Housing Costs.

All students under the age of 18 are required to register with a Chaperone in order to stay on campus. Chaperones are allowed to share housing with the student. Housing costs for the Chaperone with a single Occupancy are $765. Sharing a bedroom will reduce housing costs for both the student and the Chaperone by $100 each. Again, three meals per days are provided with your Housing costs.

For mandolinists not requiring housing, a limited number of day registrations are available for $750 (including lunches only and a parking pass for the week). This is a limited option on a first-come basis. (The University of California, Santa Cruz is a Conference Center. They require all attendees to reside on campus in student housing. Because of this, we are only allotted a certain number of 'local' slots.)

Because the Mandolin Symposium will schedule activities during the evening as well as in the day, students are encouraged to reside on campus.

Smoking and Alcohol are prohibited in all public buildings at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

When you register, you will have an opportunity to provide us with information that will help us place you with suitable housing. If you have friends who are also attending, and you wish to share an apartment, please let us know at the time of registration.


Santa Cruz is a beautiful location in the summers and offers a lot of recreational opportunities. Hotels are hard to find in the summer but not impossible. Our arrangement with the University of Santa Cruz is such that we encourage all students to use the housing option offered by The Mandolin Symposium. We have a very small number of day slots available for our classes. A source for Rental housing if you are bringing your family can be found at the House in Santa Cruz web site. A quick internet search can turn up other rental options as well.

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